About Dr. Parker


Dr. Parker, originally from Vienna, Illinois, was a retired veterinarian who spent most of his career with the Poultry Division

of the United States Department of Agriculture. After his retirement, he moved to Florida and made Winter Haven his home. He had a love for people and carried a pad of paper with him wherever he went. When he met someone, he would write down their names and the things they would say so he could remember them later.


Although he was thrifty in the use of his money and hated to see it wasted, Dr. Parker was generous to those who were truly deserving. He had the desire to find a way of using his money to continue benefiting others long after his death. From this desire grew the idea of “CrossLites.” Dr. Parker was a highly principled and religious man who knew the value of a few kind and encouraging words. For two years prior to his death on January 12, 1980, he studied the Bible and personally recorded on tape all the messages that are used for CrossLites.

CrossLites blossomed into a vast outreach, first by publishing messages in 139 newspapers in all 50 states, and now by becoming available to all who use the Internet. Since this is a perpetual trust, CrossLites will continue for many years to come. It was Dr. Parker’s hope, as well as ours, that these messages will serve the purpose for which they were intended: to bring encouragement, hope and cheer into the lives of their readers.

Although CrossLites has undergone some changes over the last few years, its commitment to Dr. Parker’s mission remains its primary purpose and goal.