A Leaf in the Breeze

Written By: Briar Hunter

January 8, 2018

Is not the whole world filled with His glory?
Autumn is most definitely my favourite season of the year. You see, as I biked to work the other day I witnessed a most miraculous feat of God’s hand in the midst of his beautiful creation: a leaf fell from a high bough to the ground far below. It floated gracefully and gently on the breeze; wholly incapable of either arresting or initiating that fall. It was simply compelled by the Spirit on the breeze just when and where to fall. It struck me in that moment that all of creation declares the glory and majesty of its creator. There surely was no way in which that leaf may have fallen from its place in a manner more exalting and more perfect. It was all planned. The breeze that caught that leaf at exactly the right moment so as to flit and whisk in its grasp. That was planned. The glistening of sunlight off the curvature of the leaf as it twirled. That was planned. The hue and intensity of the auburn woven through the original strands of green within the very veins of the leaf. That was planned. All of it was planned for the Lord’s ultimate pleasure, but also for mine. So that when I biked past that tree, unsuspecting and unawares, my eye would be caught by the flitting of a fragment of pure mastery as it drifted past me. So that my mind, previously caught up in my own thoughts, worries, business and troubles would be turned to the only one worth pondering. My mind was turned to the God of all creation and suddenly my problems were forgotten. I was filled only with his peace and restorative comfort. I was caught up in his arms of unending and unconditional love; all from the fall of a single leaf upon the breeze. For this leaf was a reminder of his creative genius but above all else, of his love for me. God has said in his Word that we are his most prized possession. This means that despite all the beauty and majesty he has created, he chooses us above it all. Although he owns every galaxy, he calls us his shining star. We who were made in his image yet who scorned that image and turned our back on him, choosing instead to rely upon the strength of the very flesh and bone he gave us. He chooses us when we place every glittering bobble and shining trinket before him. Despite all this, he chooses us each and every day.
Therefore, when I reflect on the words of Dr. Parker I cannot help but reminisce on my moment with the falling leaf. The world certainly is filled with God’s glory. It was shaped by his glory and shaped to declare his glory with each and every edge, corner and angle. Yet we are so caught up in our own fanciful lives that we are missing it at every turn. This is why I give thanks to my Lord my God, who loves me so desperately and ardently that he would design and destine for the most splendid of leaves to fall on that day as I biked to work. I was reminded then, of where my mind truly ought to dwell: on the glory and brilliance of my king.