A Life Worth Living

Written By: Chandni Ambwani

February 14, 2018

She looked up at me, as tears of despondency came flooding down her cheeks without cease. Her shallow breaths echoed the monotonous beeping of the machines surrounding her bed. Each and every gasp exhausted her throat, her lungs frantically rummaging for air. Her cerulean-glass eyes wavered, revealing the mirage she had created with the forced smile on her quivering lips. She hesitated, before asking, “Do me a favour, would you?”
“Anything,” I said, as my eyes welled up.
“Live; don’t survive. Live. For me,” she said softly, as a lone tear traced its path down her cheek. “Promise me you will.”
The words sunk down into my chest, but the look in her sorrowful eyes stung the most, as they pierced into my soul. I couldn’t bring myself to avert my eyes. Her lips trembled as she smiled helplessly, the harsh truth of her words settling in. I couldn’t face her. I let go of her hands, spinning around to sob into my own. What followed was an inexplicable dizziness, leading to a flood of tears that I didn’t know I had been holding.
“Promise me. Please,” she insisted, in a small, quivering voice.
I could hear the misery and devastation slip off her tongue as she ached for my word. Slowly, I turned to her, teary eyed.
“Please,” she begged, trying to catch her breath beneath spates of tears.
“I-I promise,” I said, my lips trembling, as the tears continued to fall.

Life doesn’t wait. As you frantically scurried through the torrents of rain and ferocious winds, you just wanted to get through the day. You didn’t enter that draw, because who could be bothered to fill out their name and phone number? You sat in your car irritably for half an hour honking your horn constantly, wearily waiting for the parade to pass.
Why? Why do we turn life into an obstacle course, simply trying to get to the end? This is the cause for unhappiness. As Dr. Parker said, most people just live, with no reason for living. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Your dream job doesn’t come with a free happiness coupon. We create our own happiness. As soon as we decide to live, our lives kick start. We pave our own paths, and even the most intelligent of people have failed to recognize this.
So, dance in the rain. Be happy that it isn’t thunder! Enter that draw. What have you got to lose? Get out of your car and join the parade – might as well enjoy the wait! A wise man once said that you shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment; take the moment and make it perfect. I believe that we don’t need material things to make us happy – what matters is our perspective.
My name is Chandni Ambwani. I didn’t immigrate from another country. I haven’t had a near death experience. I’m not a victim of bias. But I realize the value of my life. I know that life is too precious to let slip by. I understand that although our problems may seem overwhelming, we always have a choice. But the world isn’t black or white. Happiness isn’t something served on a silver platter. So grasp what you have now, and create memories so euphoric that they shall last a lifetime. I now understand that happiness is neither a journey nor a destination; it is the essence of our lives and the epitome of our existence.