All or Nothing

Written By: Abigail Zantingh

February 11, 2018

All or Nothing
Written By: Abigail Zantingh
November 30th, 2017

From time to time, I hear and see those who love God offering everything to Him, laying down their lives in surrender to their Savior. I myself have done this many times, wanting to die to self to truly serve God, desiring to do all He asks me to do. However, these ways of speaking will be taken seriously when it comes to God. Our terminology or eloquent, martyr expressions may sound lovely to those around us and to God, but when we speak thus, God takes our words at face value. He takes our small offerings—our lives—and drastically challenges us. When we move from words to action, do we ever think before we speak, what could become of it?
Dr. Parker asked a phenomenal question when he made us wonder: “Do circumstances dictate whether or not you obey God?”
After all, we are offering our lives to an adventurous, wonderful, all-powerful, drastically supreme King.
It is the results of my own experiences that make such a question infinitely beautiful, and in the same instant, painful. I am immediately transported back in time to London Heathrow Airport. I had felt God calling me to India simply to obey and to see what He would do. I was excited and terrified. At my home airport, God had already revealed Himself in expressions of His constant presence with me. As I landed in London, I went to exchange some money and realized I had forgotten my wallet in my winter jacket, thousands of miles away.
I took my next flight and arrived in Finland. It was my last layover before I landed in an entirely cash-orientated society with no money, no contacts, and no way to even get to my hotel. I was calling my family, praying, and crying in my little airport corner. I had to decide whether to board my next plane, trusting God in a situation where I literally could have starved and been lost with no place to sleep in a foreign country, or fly back home.
It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I had never felt such fear. I knew where God had called me to—India. I knew what He was telling me to do—have faith in His provision and sovereignty. Yet my weakness and feeble humanity were intruding in the path of obedience.
I boarded the plane. God used a friend back home to coordinate a stranger to come and pick me up at the Delhi airport, and I was able to create a family and amazing opportunity for my faith in a persecuted area. God used it all for His glory. But I was weak in my faith, in my trust, and in obeying. The only reason was because the circumstance had been so dire.
God has always asked for more than normal. He wants all or nothing from the children He died to set free and be with. There are many Christian brothers and sisters who die, or are tortured daily, for their unwavering obedience to His name.
Regardless of what happens, God never changes. What changes is the circumstance alone, not God’s promises, His faithfulness, nor His worthiness of our allegiance to Him.
When we focus on God, all else fades away. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; “God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM (Exodus 3:14).’” The circumstances just do not matter in light of our great God!