Be Kind

Written By: Alyssa Van Auker

December 5, 2018

You have been sitting in the same chair for days. Ever since the car accident you have watched the life vanish from your mother’s body. Everyone had so much hope for her in the beginning, but after three days without anything getting better everyone was preparing for the worst. Just today she had even harder time breathing than normal and the doctors were not sure if she would make it through the night. Your father came into the room wanting to see you get off of the chair and walk around. After a hard convincing you decided to go to the grocery store to get your moms favorite snack in the event that she woke up.

Being a cashier I do not know about the lives of the customers. I just know what they put on the belt and how they want everything bagged. Checking out customers is a routine and it is hard to really know if someone was having a good day because they can lie when you ask. If that was your day, having been at the hospital, I would not have known. My hope is that when I smile at you and ask how you are doing that your day will get a little bit better because as Dr. Parker has said, “Smile to someone you don’t know… it may make their day.”

It is so sad that a “Random Act of Kindness” has to be a fad. If we were all simply kind to one another, than those acts would not be so random. It is almost as if humans are not kind anymore because everyone is so focused on themselves in this fast paced lifestyle that is everywhere. If “Everything you do is the result of what you are” (Dr. Parker), than is our absences of showing kindness to others because we are not kind as a species? If you look at history, Earth was in a great state before human being decided to dominate the planet. Now, after industrialization, we as a planet are dealing with plastic in the ocean and the extinction of species. This could be in part because we have decided it is important for college students to use textbooks and it is convenient to use plastic bags at the grocery store. We are not kind, but we can change.

Connecting ourselves to our faith can let us evolve us into a kinder species where everyone’s day is a little brighter without having to make an effort to smile as someone walks by. If you were sitting in that room after having lived a life with kinder people, it might be easier to see the good that is still in the world when you are at your lowest. We all live on the same Earth; we might as well be kind so we can live more fulfilled lives.

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