Hard Work Leads to Prosperity

Written By: Anna Simpson

March 8, 2019

People often create this false understanding that only the rich are able to prosper and be successful. By definition the word prosper means “to succeed in an enterprise or activity.” It is true that the type of success referred to sometimes relates to financial success. However, it is important to remember that a person who works their way out of poverty has achieved a level of financial success. My father was left to be raised by is immigrant grandparents. After losing his grandfather, and breadwinner of the family, in his early teens he had to learn to support both his grandmother and himself. He was working at age sixteen, if not sooner, and has been working ever since he got his first job. Throughout his years he has been a school bus driver, firefighter, storeowner, and electrician. He grew up with nothing and through hard work and perseverance he has been able to achieve financial success. Today, him and my mother are able to support two children in what is considered a median household. His story is proof that a hard working person will always prosper. I believe that it is the people that have had to work hard for what they have are the ones that are most successful. They are willing to get their hands dirty in order to get what they want. Success isn’t defined by the vacations taken or the house a person lives in, but it is defined by the goals they accomplish and their happiness. Due to my father’s upbringing I have been instilled with a very strong work ethic. As a result, I worked my way through college by spending my days off from class at my job. For me working wasn’t waiting tables, I had a job with a municipality for five years before starting with a local residential developer. In other words, I have been working at a career and gaining practical experience towards my future. My work ethic has provided me with the opportunity to minimize the amounts of loans needed to pay for school. This is what prospering is, working hard towards a goal and being able to achieve it. Both my father and myself have been able to do so. Too often the rich get greedy because they have never had to work for money it has and always will just come to them. Without a sense of gratefulness their greed can often create trouble. Additionally due to their level of wealth they don’t go out and try to achieve anything. They simply sit back and collect the money that is coming to them. It is true that they get to take nice vacations or have fancy things, but their life often isn’t fulfilling. In the end, being prosperous is not related to that amount of money a person has but simply the life they lead. Many times the most fulfilling lives are lived by those who have less money. My advice to someone would be that they should focus on working hard for something, no matter how much or how little money they have, and they will prosper.

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