My Reason

Written By: Brooke Garlieb

February 20, 2018

Did you know most people just live, with no reason for living? This is a concept that has often baffled me. How does one do anything without a purpose? Although we may not know the purpose for human existence, it is our jobs as people to find our own sense of purpose. Questions I often find myself pondering are why am I here? How can I give my life and others life meaning? I believe my purpose is to bring happiness to other people through food and entertainment.

My mother noticed my love for entertaining when I was around 2 years old. As we would be strolling through the grocery store, my sister and I in cart, I would make faces at each passerby just to get a smile. I have always felt happiness from making others smile. I grew older and I turned to food to make people smile. Sitting down at the kitchen table and creating something that makes people happy brought me joy.

The saying “follow your bliss” is something that I strongly believe in. I feel that my entire life I have been pulled in the direction of my bliss. Following your dreams is not always easy. I worked as a successful restaurant manager for an amazing restaurant group when I found myself wondering, is this truly where I am meant to be? That question led me to quit my job and go to culinary school. I dream that I always deemed impossible. I currently do not know where I will end up after school, but I feel a sense of relief knowing that what I am doing serves a purpose for the future.

Not everyone is drawn to a specific passion or career as I am. Some people are happy working their 9-5 jobs and then going home and doing it all over again. I often wonder how these people feel. What are they living for? Do they question their life’s meaning? I then remember that anyone can find purpose behind nearly anything. I walk outside, I look at the trees swaying, sun shining, birds singing and I feel sense of purpose.

I think our purpose, as a whole, is to appreciate the aliveness in all of us. You may not know your reason for living, but I think we can all appreciate the fact that we are alive. Doing what makes me feel alive is what gets me through each day. I strive to bring this passion and joy that I feel to others.