Positive Energy

Written By: Jaime Juan Guerrero

December 18, 2018

No more negative acts against anyone.

In my opinion, our environments make us who we are. For the most part, the worse someone’s environment is, the worse an individual becomes – to themselves and to others around them. If we remove negative experiences against individuals, the individuals don’t become negative around anyone. In my experience, surrounded with positive energy; by people who choose to live and interact positively; no negative acts are thought, felt or done. The individuals move in a positive forward motion; together. Everyone grows themselves, their relationships with others also matures and the way they interact with the world becomes rewarding.

Besides our environment; in my opinion, our thoughts and feelings consciously and subconsciously, greatly affect our actions. Whether it be on our own or with others, the way we think and feel – greatly affects how we view and interact with the world around us. We need to be more aware, that a single thought or feeling, can cause a positive or negative outcome; many steps after we let ourselves think or feel something positive or negative. We need to become more mindful of each other and the various environments we put ourselves in – in order to live in a more positive energized world.

For example, I enjoy working with a team of talented individuals in various departments towards a positive outcome. I am open in communication about thoughts and ideas. I enjoy checking things off after they have been completed, so that I can move onto the next task. I am methodical when it comes to steps and procedures. I am also very creative in finding new ways to resolve issues.

In my past roles, working at a car manufacturer; I became thrilled working with people of whom I just met to people I’ve worked with for years – towards a common goal. I enjoy working with large amounts of data, to analyze and share the best solutions. I also made monthly service round-table videos, so that technicians at dealers knew how to tackle new issues and find more efficient and effective methods to resolve old issues. I was excited to join Toastmasters Club International; to get me from timid to confident public speaker. I audited and trained colleagues internally and out in the field. I created reports and service bulletins to let everyone know what was going on, from design to engineering to manufacturing to service and warranty. I truly enjoy positive-energized people and places of work.

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