The Chase of Nothingness

Written By: Brisa Andrade

March 8, 2019

Is it always the rich that prospers?


It is very clear, too, that they are seen to prosper many materialistic dreams any person could ever possibly desire. Expensive cars, luxurious houses, golden toilet paper; anything. One day, you can see them act like if they were meant to be the definition of financial success; but there is another thing that is very clear…

They prosper a sad, lonely, unsatisfactory chase of nothingness.

Very well known people who help prove this statement include: Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, and the list goes on. All the physical things in life go to waste in the end. The only thing that exists after death, is the soul. Everything else stays; no matter the cost it took for man to pay. Everything that is given in our life is temporary, and everything that accompanied mankind as a bandaid to the reality of life, or in other words, the objects that indirectly become their idols…all perish soon to their destiny of true worth: nothingness.
Many rich people prosper the false meaning and fail to accomplish the purpose of life. Love, prosperity, joy, grace; all of these factors that describe vital characteristics of God, were found vacant in the midst of trials in events. They looked for the wrong things that helped cope moments where pain blinded the potential light given from God, which led them to a lifelong journey of full emptiness. Without God, there is no light for anything to flourish. That is all they prosper.

They exist, but they do not live.

Every single day, they wake up only wondering next to fulfill; something to enrich themselves with due to reasons that severely attack the human heart. Loneliness, stress, anxiety.. Of course, this is only for those who involve themselves with the world, for there are people who are rich only with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.
Those devoured in the love of God, wake up with the thought of how great God is for giving them another opportunity to live first thing in the morning. Every day, they yearn not to fulfill a chase of self pleasure, but to take care of their precious soul, and do well for others. People who truly desire a new growth within Christ, are always in the pursuit and exchange of that love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, God promised for all of us. They are in the pursuit of never ending joy, for they do not worry about what happened, is happening, or is to come, for they know they have a living God by their side, who is willing to search and fight until the battle is over.
These people are enriched with everlasting peace that is not found in religion, not found in the wealthiest showcase companies, not found within jewelry stores, not found within the occupancy of one church service per week and a drinking party the next day, but found when they are truly extending their heart to God.

People who are rich in Christ will always prosper; no matter the circumstance. These people do not just exist, they live.

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