“We ought to make every moment count, because it may be the last,” -Dr. Parker

Written By: Augustus Akudolu

December 15, 2018

“We ought to make every moment count, because it may be the last,” -Dr. Parker

It is a statement that many individuals could relate to and a sentiment that hits home for most of us. One should spend every moment enjoying the here and now, to attempt to utilize every second of every moment. There are many ways to interpret this quote, from not sleeping in or being wasteful with your time; however, in reflecting over what this statement makes me think about, I think about my family dynamics, I think about my life and mostly I think about my patients. I am a doctor who worked two years in long-term care, and I have spent many long moments sitting with family members as they mourn lost time with their loved ones over arguments, or a family divided from divorce or death. My takeaway from this experience was to realize that no argument is worth missing a phone call with my mother, nothing is worth not speaking to my father for days, months or years at a time because at some point I will not have the opportunity for the last phone call, that last visit or that last holiday.

I was influenced and inspired to become a doctor after my father became gravely ill and was considered to be terminally ill when I was seven years old. He embodied the quote of living every moment, he took every opportunity given to him; he smiled at every twist and turn in life because he stated he would rather be smiling than leave this earth with a frown on his face. Due to this attitude, I realized I had the privilege to understand how short of time we can have on this earth, and that we can waste our opportunities, waste our time or take full advantage of the life we have been given. So, now I can enjoy drinking hot chocolate on my porch, I can enjoy hearing my family laugh and giggle, I can enjoy a family dinner without rushing because right now at this moment it can be my last moment, it can be my last experience and I should enjoy every second of it. Dr. Parker challenges us to understand the privileges we had in our lives, he challenges us to appreciate the time we had on earth and the opportunities that are right in front of us, right this second.

Life is full of complexities, ups, and downs. It is our choice, whether to live happily even in the difficult moments or let go of the good ones for the sake of future happenings. It is very important to enjoy each bit of the moment you live in, to forget about the irreversible past, to let go of the worries for future and just live in the present, live in the moments. This approach of leading life not only gives memories to cherish but also an inner peace. Conclusively, one should lead life and enjoy every moment as if it is the last one.

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