Work until you achieve your goal, and then work some more!

Written By: Alexander M. Griffith

March 7, 2019

Your overall goal should never be accomplished. It should be a never-ending journey of striving and helping others, that is what makes you the most productive. If you set a goal for yourself that is too easy, you will not accomplish as much as you have the potential to do. But you cannot set a goal that is too difficult, for anything is possible.

I had a dream of joining the military beginning when I was eleven years old, I was surrounded by the military lifestyle when I witnessed firsthand the sacrifice that my father, and many like him, had to make. I felt nothing less of awe when I saw hundreds of paratroopers jumping out of three airplanes in perfect unison, one after the other. When I would walk on Ft Bragg, I would feel proud to call myself an American when I looked at the many buildings that lined the streets, and the monuments that were dedicated to previous sacrifices. I made a decision when I was eleven years old that would impact my life in more ways than I could imagine. I was not just taking on a job, I was taking on a career. Not just any career, but an opportunity to help people both in my country and beyond.

I had another dream in high school. To help as many people as I could in whatever way I could. I see people that set goals that they won’t achieve due to mentality, I see people that don’t even set goals. I want to strive to change their mentality, to have them see the benefits of hard work and dedication. I see people that can’t run, I see people that can’t do a sit-up, or a push-up. I have made it my personal goal to see them succeed. I will strive to change their mentality, and to be with them as I push them towards the top. The biggest problem that I see in the cadets that I lead at South View high school is that they have no motivation. As Dr. Parker said, “if you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it.” I find this to be very true from past experience, and what I currently observe. I have made a goal to find an aim for everyone, for everyone to set a goal and to see it through.

I now have an acceptance letter to my top college, The Citadel. The mighty military college of South Carolina. The “West Point of the South”. I will receive some of the best leadership training that this nation has to offer, and I am eternally grateful for those who invested time into me to mold me into who I am. I have much to owe, and I have made it a goal to pay it back. I will help my community as much as possible through the military, financials, and giving time to help those who are less fortunate than I. I have created multiple goals for myself, and I aim to hit every single one in the bulls-eye.

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